Kevin Bradford Nierman

Ceramic Artist       -       California, USA


Kevin Bradford Nierman is a ceramic artist in Berkeley, California (USA).
He is the founder and director of Kids 'N' Clay Pottery Studio in Berkeley, founded in 1988. 

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Telephone in the US:  (1) 510.845.0982



“Up & Down”

Unglazed Colored Clays & Steel Wire

22” x 204” x 14”

Currently in a Private Collection - Sacramento, CA


First Exhibition (photo) at the 21st Annual California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art

"30 Ceramic Sculptors", 2010






Unglazed Colored Clays & Steel Wire

22” x 180” x 14”

Currently in a Private Collection - San Francisco, CA


First exhibition was at the Richmond Art Center 

"Innovations in Contemporary Crafts", August 2010 



While his work displays great diversity of form and technique, you will see in his works the common themes of minimalism, movement and   geometric forms.  Nierman states that his inspiration comes from challenging himself to approach common materials in uncommon ways.


In “Up & Down” and "Vertimo" the gentle spherical shapes combine with the strength of the stark steel wire to provide a symmetry and balance that rely on opposing forces to work in harmony and bind the sculpture into a single and cohesive union.




vertimo iii_detail_kevinbradfordnierman_2010211.png

"Vertimo II"

Unglazed Colored Clays & Steel Wire
22” x 180” x 14”

Currently in a Private Collection - Ross, CA


First exhibition was at the Ceramics Annual of America, September, 2010




full shot w_o noise.png


Clay & Steel
26" x 10" x 9"
Currently in a Private Collection - Oakland, CA





Kevin Nierman is 1 of 50 international artists chosen to show a recent series of work,
The Global Village, at the
5th Cheongju International Craft Biennale in Korea.



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Kevin Bradford Nierman was reared at the height of the bohemian art movement of the 1960’s, which explains the unconventional manner with which he approaches traditional shapes and the use of materials.  From a very young age, his mother, a recognized artist in her own right, encouraged him to paint and build sculptures throughout the family home.

Over the years, Nierman has explored a variety of styles and developed several proprietary applications of traditional techniques.  His work has evolved from wheel thrown vessels to more complex, hand built sculptural forms.   


Twenty three years ago, Nierman founded the Kids ‘N’ Clay Pottery Studio in Berkeley, California.  Kevin and his artist/instructors teach the art of ceramics to over 200 young artists each week.


He is represented in numerous private collections as well as the Oakland Museum, the Korean Craft Museum (Cheongju) and the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts (Alta Loma, CA).  His efforts to give back to the community have been documented in the book "The Kids ’N’ Clay Ceramics Book: Handbuilding and Wheel-Throwing Projects from the Kids ‘N’ Clay Pottery Studio" (Random House).



copyright 2010, Kevin Bradford Nierman